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Mua Insurance: Do Make-Up Artists Need Public Liability Insurance?

Do Make-Up Artists Need Public Liability Insurance?
If you are a make-up artist (Mua) and need information about the kind of insurance you need to buy, you are in the right place. Public liability insurance is one of the most important covers you are going to need in your profession. As a make-up artist, you need this cover in case someone makes a claim against you saying that something you did or did not do resulted in them suffering an injury or got their property damaged. Not only will the compensation claim amount be covered, but you will also not have to worry about bearing the legal expenses incurred. It will also cover the loss of earnings you may face.
The truth is that dealing with compensation claims can be difficult and it can end up costing a lot of money as well. That is why make-up artists would do well if they didn't think of public liability insurance as an optional thing to buy.

Example of compensation claims make-up artists get
If you are not convinced that you do need public liability insurance, some examples of compensation claims people make against make-up artists may make you think otherwise.
1.     Light skin grazing: Make-up artists frequently use a variety of tools to do their jobs and this can unintentionally cause light grazing. It is easy for the compensation claim for light skin grazing to go up to a thousand pounds. Add to that the legal expense incurred, and it could easily go to several thousand pounds.
2.     Broken wrist: If a customer files a broken wrist compensation claim, it is a serious matter. When you factor in the legal fees, the total settlement amount can be more than 20,000 pounds. And if the injury made the person unable to work, then you will have to pay the loss of wages as well.
Legal help
The truth is that most compensation claims can be settled out of court. No one has to visit the court as long as you pay the compensation amount as agreed. But achieving that is a big matter and you would need legal help to make it happen. When you buy public liability insurance, the Mua insurance company is going to help you with the legal defence. Such insurance company legal teams are experts and they have the experience of dealing with similar claims pertaining to your industry for a long time. Such a team will be able to represent your case properly and this is a big help at a time when you don’t want your work to be affected as you defend your case. With this cover, you get a legal team that will study the compensation amounts of similar cases so that you pay the least amount possible. It also lets you continue with your work while all this is happening. Learn more about legal terms in insurance industry.
Essential insurance extensions to get
As a make-up artist, your profession is different from others. That is why a standard public liability insurance may not suffice for you and you should buy certain extensions that will ensure that you are adequately covered. 
·      Treatment risk extension: This is important because a standard public liability cover does not cover compensation claims that arise out of one’s professional activities, leaving much to risk. So if a customer got an allergic reaction after you put on make-up for her and she went to court, then it will not be covered, unless you get this extension because it falls under the purview of professional activities. With compensation claims for facial scarring due to make-up going up to 50,0000 pounds, and the professional having to pay for the consequent cosmetic surgery as well, it is in your best interests to get this extension.
·      Financial loss extension: This is another important cover you should get because a standard public liability cover will not provide coverage for compensation claims for purely financial losses. This may prove to be a high-risk situation for you. You may have a model that you provided your services to and because of the bad job done, she loses a modelling assignment. Though there was no injury or property damage, she could take you to court and that is when the financial loss extension is going to come in handy.

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