Monday, 26 March 2018

Liability Insurance for Self Employed Domestic and Commercial Cleaners in UK

What is Cleaner’s Public Liability Insurance & why do you need it?

Cleaning work comes with great responsibility – it's not only about leaving clean surfaces behind. There can be serious risks, such as slipping on wet floors, damaging the more delicate surfaces or using the wrong products, that contain toxic chemicals and harm people's health. In case your clients face any damage because of your work, they will be entitled to cover the loss. Since your company will be held liable, you will be required to pay out compensation. However, when you are covered by a cleaner's insurance policy, you can rest assured that the insurer will cover such expenses. Learn more about it below.
public liability for self-employed cleaners
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 Cleaner's Public Liability – required by clients

When such obvious risks are taken into consideration, it becomes obvious that cleaning work poses great concern to clients. These will not pick just any company for the job. If you want to earn their trust, you'd better have all the needed credentials, the qualifications required by the law and this very important insurance policy that saves your reputation and protects your clients. When you can make proof of such, clients feel that they can trust you. Should anything go wrong, they will receive the compensation they expect.

 Cleaner's Public Liability tailored cover 

Cleaner's Public Liability is an insurance usually recommended to small businesses. However, your company may have only 2 people or it could have dozens of workers hired. The policy can be tailored accordingly, whether you run a large cleaning company or you're almost by yourself in this. You can arrange the right kind of cover – this depends on the type of cleaning work you engage in the materials and chemicals you use and so on. You can choose to protect not only your clients and your budget, but also your premises, the tools and the equipment you employ.

 Do you provide high-risk cleaning services? 

There are certain work areas that pose a higher risk than others. Do you work in the domestic cleaning department? In that case, you are dealing with a great variety of different objects, surfaces, fixtures, installations etc. If you happen to damage an electric appliance through your negligence, or if you break anything or compromise any item on the property, the owner will not be too happy. When you clean offices, you deal with a lot of fragile equipment that can take damage even from a little bit of moisture. Such equipment can be very expensive – would you be ready to replace it? With costs mounting up to tens of thousands, you definitely need financial protection in the form of Cleaner's Public Liability insurance.

  Will you be well protected? 

British insurers usually offer extensive cover for cleaners. They are aware of all the risks and the potential costs of compensation. Thus, the cover may range between £1 million and £5 million, which is sufficient to cover any damages incurred as well as the legal costs. Cleaning is a risky business indeed, where the smallest mistakes can lead to terrible losses. It doesn't matter where you manage your business from – it may have no premises of its own. The insurance is necessary and valid regardless.

  Insure your business equipment

The tools and machines you work with can be really sophisticated and expensive. These are often at risk, too. What can you do about that? You can include all your equipment in your policy. Thus, you are safe from any unexpected unfortunate events that strike your business and entail large expenses. In case you want to insure your staff, permanent or temporary, your casual workers and contractors, then you must take out