Thursday, 14 December 2017

Public Liability Insurance Policies For Ground Workers in the UK

The Salient Features Of Insurance Policies For Ground Workers

 Irrespective of the precautions one takes and the training one receives, accidents do happen. And no one knows this better than the ground worker who faces risks which are unique and at times quite deadly. It is thus very difficult to predict the risks that await a ground worker when he reaches his worksite every morning. Protection against such eventualities is thus very important for the ground worker who has his family depending on him probably for their livelihood.

There is also a need for the ground worker to stay fit and healthy and in the instance of an accident, to regain his health as soon as possible. Thus the need for the ground worker to own an insurance policy is in no way lesser than the other self-employed or employed people. Ground workers are employed in a number of different work areas. Thus the insurance also needs to be flexible enough to incorporate all the areas that he can work in. Additionally jobs which carry relatively more risk than others need to have specific insurance policies dedicated to the same. Some insurance policies which are of great help to the ground worker are:

  • Public insurance policy: This policy covers the self-employed ground worker in the following three ways:
  • Settlement of claims suffered by a third part either because of damage to property or physical injury,
  • Settlement of legal fees incurred to contest claims and litigations and
  • Offering financial help if and when the ground worker is without a job for a few months.

For the ground worker, running a small operation, any financial settlement can cripple the business. This policy ensures that the same does not happen and is thus of great benefit for the self-employed ground worker.

•Employer’s liability policy: This covers ground workers working for a company or an individual. In this any physical injury incurred by a ground worker or any serious illness suffered as a result of working for that company or individual is taken care off financially. Hence all medical bills for this period are covered under this policy. Of course if the ground worker is self-employed and also has employees working for him, it is legally mandatory for the ground worker to get this policy.

Personal accident insurance: This is perhaps the most important policy that every ground worker must have. This policy protects a ground worker against all eventualities and risks faced on the work site. Thus financial help is meted out for :

  • All medical bills generated in the treatment of an injured or sick ground worker,
  • Loss of income incurred due to accidents etc.

Business equipment insurance: This insurance policy covers damage or loss of equipment owned by a self-employed ground worker. Thus in case he needs to replace the equipment, he can get financial help from this policy.

Certain things which should be kept in mind when availing any insurance policy are:
The ground worker must read and understand all the terms and conditions before purchasing any insurance policy. These terms and conditions should not be biased towards the insurer.
In the instance of opting for business equipment insurance, the ground worker should never underestimate the replacement cost of the same. In fact he should keep it a bit escalated so as to factor in any increase in prices.
If a ground worker has employees he needs to opt for the employer’s liability insurance and the failure to do the same can attract heavy fines by way of punishment.
The business the ground worker is in should be covered in the list of businesses for which the insurer offers coverage. In case the same is not covered, special sanctions need to be taken to ensure the same.
Quotes of different insurance providers needs to be analysed and compared so that a ground worker can opt for the best possible insurance in all aspects.
The premiums that need to be paid should be optimal and conducive to the benefits mentioned.
The main aim of a ground worker should be to get the best possible cover by paying minimum premium for any insurance policy purchased. Also care should be taken to ensure ample coverage can be availed when in need so as to take full advantage of the premiums paid to keep the insurance policy active.

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