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Mobile Beauticians - What is the necessary insurance cover?


What Does Beautician Insurance Include?

Are you a beautician by profession? Your business will never see a low point as everyone in this world wants to look pretty and gorgeous. However, this does not mean that your business is free of risks. Just like any other business, you may have to suffer from unanticipated losses that can give you a headache.
It does not matter if you are a mobile beautician or run your own beauty salon, you always need to protect yourself with the help of beautician insurance. It has the insurance covers that you need as a beautician.
mobile beautician insurance

Why is beautician insurance better than standard business insurance?

A standard business insurance package will not cover all the risks that you have to face as a beautician. Therefore, there is a beautician insurance package that will provide you with complete coverage. Apart from providing all the covers that standard business insurance provides, beautician insurance has certain cover extensions that will make sure that you are never in trouble due to a gap in coverage.
A standard business insurance package includes property insurance that covers you when your property gets accidentally damaged or when there is a burglary. Then there is liability insurance that covers you in case an individual makes a compensation claim against you.

Liability insurance is further divided into 3 types:

1) Employer’s liability insurance

Employer’s liability insurance helps you in dealing with claims that are made against you by your own employees. It is a legal requirement if you have employed a person in your business even if they work on a temporary basis.

2) Public liability insurance  

Public liability insurance helps you when a third party makes compensation claims against you alleging that you are responsible for their injuries or damage to property. As a beautician, it is very important that you have this cover because you have to meet so many people each day and this increases the chances of mishaps taking place.

 3) Products liability insurance

Being a beautician you would supply or sell beauty products to your clients as it is a part of your business. If the product is defective, you are legally responsible for it and your client can make a compensation claim against you. In such a scenario, products liability insurance will come to your rescue.
The above may cover most of the risks you face but with a standard business insurance package, all your risks are not covered. Hence, you have to go for beautician insurance. It covers the gaps in the insurance cover by providing extensions.
Treatment risk cover is the main extension in beautician insurance as standard public liability insurance does not cover claims that arise due to professional activities. You are a professional beautician and without this extension, you will be left uninsured in many of the compensation claims made against you.
For example, if there is facial scarring because of your beauty treatment, and a compensation claim is made against you, it can be as high as £50,000. The amount can get even higher if you add the legal fees and additional charges. In case there is a need for cosmetic surgery, even that cost can be demanded from you. However, in the presence of a treatment risk cover, you can rest be assured that the compensation amount and overhead charges will be taken care of by the insurer. It is a very important extension cover!

Legal expenses insurance

If you are stuck in a legal matter because of a dispute with a client, neighbour or employment tribunal, you have to bear the legal costs involved. But if you have legal expenses insurance, the expenses will be taken care of by the insurer. You will be covered even when there are criminal charges against you or if there is a tax investigation.

Personal accident and sickness insurance

Don’t forget to cover yourself! God forbid but if you meet with an accident and get injured or fall sick, how will you earn a living? With a personal accident and sickness insurance policy, you will get a weekly benefit to pay your bills. If you are not in a position to return to work, the insurer will pay you a lump sum.

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